Vision & Strategy

Our ESG vision is for our chemical technology to enable sustainability in the markets we serve with environmentally and socially conscious innovation. We view sustainability as the correct path for both the planet and the success of our businesses. We believe deeply that ESG factors impact our ability to support customers, create opportunities for our people, mitigate risks, enhance our resilience and reputation, and overall contribute to long-term value creation. 

Introducing more green capabilities through innovative R&D is a growing focus for us and the industries we serve. Our sustainable solutions help our customers achieve ambitious business and environmental goals. We are also committed to act as responsible stewards, which means providing a high-level of protection to human health & safety and the environment, not only in the way we source raw materials and manufacture and deliver our products, but in the way our products are used and handled by our customers and other end-users. Our ESG progress lies in committing to our ESG initiatives, which means being able to assess our sustainability profile and implement and track relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) for improvement, where needed.

Sustainability Goals

In early 2022, we set ambitious Sustainability Goals that are representative of key issues and opportunities for ESI. These are within short- and longer-term time frames, focused on continuous improvement:

Sustainability Goals Progress Table 2023