Environmental Compliance

As a global specialty chemicals company, maintaining environmental compliance is critical to our business and vital for our customers and communities. Our customers rely on us to proactively manage environmental risks across our supply chain, foster good relationships with our local stakeholders and deliver our products in a timely and safe manner. We fulfill these expectations through prudent environmental risk management based on Board-approved policies informed by global industry standards.

We strive to ensure all sites meet or exceed local requirements for environmental compliance and are in good standing with respect to permits and licenses required to operate.

ESI Env Compliance

Managing Risks

Our Corporate Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) group leads our environmental management efforts, including compliance and audit management while staying abreast of regulatory changes. EH&S managers are responsible for securing and maintaining environmental permits and licenses required to operate as well as resolving risks. Our Sustainability Council, which includes global EH&S representatives, also fosters dialogue and shares best practices to promote the operation of our manufacturing facilities, laboratories and offices in an economically, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner.  

Our facilities set site-specific environmental improvement goals and targets, which depend on the site’s operations and applicable requirements and often relate to energy use, waste or water reduction.

Evaluation and Monitoring

We monitor and report on our company’s performance related to environmental compliance and other environmental topics. 80% of our global sites in scope are ISO 14001 certified. Following ISO 14001 standards, a globally recognized environmental management system, improves resource efficiency, supports waste reduction strategies, manages costs, and underscores our commitment to continuous improvement. For more information, see our Certificates.