Mobile & Wearables

Active. Smart. Transformative.

The smartphone has become ubiquitous to daily life. Across the world, we depend on our mobile devices more so than any other portal so we can access the internet, receive the news, pay our bills, and communicate with our friends and family. Our solutions, products, and processes enable the advancement of 5G and continued emphasis on improving the user experience with faster streaming speeds, connectivity to the cloud, and extended battery life. More recently, wearable electronics have become more significant to daily life. Wearables devices allow health-conscious individuals to track their health, adventurers to encounter unique and valuable experiences, and the visually impaired to navigate their surroundings.

Our printed electronics initiative is helping companies to explore the printed electronics market with our combined product and application experience spanning circuit metallization, assembly and soldering, precision coated films, and printed graphics. We represent a strong and organized front in this new and exciting industry, and are looking forward to shaping its development in the decades to come.