Social Impact

We strive to build a more sustainable future for our customers, our employees, our investors and other stakeholders. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work culture that promotes training and talent development opportunities. We also recognize our responsibility to create a healthy and safe work environment for our people and our customers.

We encourage our suppliers and customers to adopt and follow responsible, good management practices that help perpetuate these goals throughout our supply chain. Finally, we strive to support the communities in which we operate through employee volunteerism and corporate charitable giving. Our business relies on healthy communities to support our most important assets, our people, and we view investments in our communities as an investment that supports our growth.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

We believe a diverse workforce leads to better outcomes, innovation and growth. Creativity and problem-solving skills thrive when a broader group of people with varying backgrounds and perspectives come together to achieve a common goal. At the same time, a diverse workforce also helps us attract and retain top talent. We value our global employee base who help us succeed every day, and we strive to create a culture that fosters, encourages and respects individual differences.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Executives from across the company lead the effort to promote diversity and inclusiveness within our organization. We have Board-approved policies designed to ensure fair hiring practices and prevent discrimination or harassment. These global policies, including our Business Conduct and Ethics Policy, Fair Employment Policy and Rules of Conduct, define violations of discrimination and inappropriate behavior, accountable roles and responsibilities, grievance mechanisms and reporting procedures.

Recruiting Diverse Candidates

As part of our commitment to full and equal employment, we are continuing to grow female and minority representation in our business. Our primary mechanism for improving diversity is through thoughtful and intentional diversity recruiting. We strive to hire candidates from different backgrounds and ethnicities. We consider qualified candidates regardless of background, gender, religion or race.


** Other includes American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander and unknown ethnicities

Labor Rights

As an innovation and service-based company, our workforce is our most vital asset. We recognize and respect employees’ rights to freedom of association, to form and join trade unions and to bargain collectively. We are mindful of the fact that true customer satisfaction, business growth and longevity can only be achieved through healthy relationships between the company and its people – including labor unions. We maintain productive relationships with our labor unions across the globe. Approximately 5.5% of our employees belong to unions, most of which are in the Americas and Europe. In 2021, we engaged in four negotiations with unions, all of which resulted in signed agreements regarding mandatory negotiations and annual salary increases.