Our History


Our Roots in Metal Finishing

W. Canning & Co in Birmingham is founded. The chemistry pioneered by Canning would evolve, eventually becoming part of our Industrial Solutions business.


An Image to Preserve

Sir Joseph Swan’s discovery of carbon photographic prints led to Autotype of Brixton UK. Patterning of specialty films remains a strength in our Graphics and Industrial businesses.


Proving Our Metal

Our Assembly Solutions expertise dates to metal smelter I. Shonberg Inc, which became Alpha Metals during the late 19th century.


The Scottish Connection

A young Scottish immigrant by the name of Archie J. MacDermid starts a small metal finishing business in Waterbury, Connecticut.


Started in a Garage

An auto-body shop owner, a chemist, and a lacquer salesman form Enthone in a small garage in New Haven, Connecticut. The chemistry is integral to our Semiconductor, Circuitry, and Industrial business.


Printing Rolls Along

The origins of our Graphics Solutions business begin with production of Textile Blankets in Adams, Massachusetts. Image transfer continues as a core competency.


The Electronics Revolution

Our expertise in metal deposition, image transfer, surface chemistry, and soldering form the basis for our Electronics Solutions business, as the world moves toward printed circuit boards.


Global Expansion

Our Assembly, Industrial and Electronics businesses set up direct facilities as new manufacturing and service sites throughout Europe and Asia.


Fueling Growth

Isaac Bentley & Co. join the offshore fluids industry, serving petroleum exploration and production. The group evolved into our Offshore Solutions business.


Coming Together

Various disciplines of metal finishing expertise are brought together during 1998-99 with the integration of Canning, Ytema, Galvanevet, and MacDermid.


The Right Image

As image technology evolves, technology from WR Grace, Hercules, and Polyfibron merge with MacDermid to serve Industrial, Electronics, and today’s Graphics Solutions business.


Certified Organic

An era of strong organic growth around the world in various industries, including flat top dot printing, chrome-free metal finishing, and lead-free soldering alloys.


Go To Market

With MacDermid as its first acquisition, Platform Specialty Products is created and lists on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol PAH.


Global Vision, Global Reach

Platform acquires the Alent businesses of Enthone and Alpha, plus electronics chemicals assets from OM Group, to form MacDermid Performance Solutions, serving customers with fully global support across multiple industries.


In Our Element

Platform Specialty Products is renamed Element Solutions Inc, merging the MacDermid Performance Solutions businesses under one banner.