Corporate Social Responsibility

Through our products and our actions, we are committed to creating a positive social and environmental impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Products, Processes and People that Make a Difference

Element Solutions Inc is an organization mindful of ethical and environmental responsibilities. We pledge to uphold operational excellence while providing high quality, innovative products to advance green initiatives in the industries and supply chains in which we participate. We aim to provide a high-level of protection to human health and the environment, not only in the way that we make the products, but in the way the products are used and disposed of by customers. Through our charitable giving and volunteer initiatives, we aim to have a positive impact on local communities.

Conflict Minerals

It is our policy not to knowingly purchase any raw materials that contain conflict minerals. We work with our broad and deep supply chain to validate a viable supply of minerals and to trace the source of any minerals included in our products. See our conflict minerals report for more information.

Recycled Metals

We offer recycling services which help our customers meet legislative and environmental  requirements.  We then turn this high purity raw material back into products that meet the same reliability as virgin metals. 

Environmentally Compliant Raw Materials

We actively work to eliminate substances of very high concern from our supply chain. Examples include our emphasis on creating products that are halogen-free and our efforts to develop chromium-free etchants.

PET/Plastic Recycling

We offer a range of products and technologies designed to assist in the cleaning and separating of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) during the recycling process.

Photovoltaic and Green Energy

We provide materials that enable novel cell designs which can reduce the cost of production while increasing cell efficiency.

Charitable Giving

For over 50 years our businesses have worked with the United Way to raise money and awareness for community projects.  Many local sites also have a long history of supporting local, regional, and national organizations.